Personal Security Detail (PSD)

For clients requiring more than standard business security solutions, SIA offers personal, professional executive protection services. Services range from the protection of high net value clients and families, entertainers, corporate CEOs and business figures, on-site support for high-risk business dealings to ‘at risk’ subjects due to the environment they may be residing in or working in. Trained, experienced Personal Security Details assess and manage threats to keep people safe and assets secure.

SIA has extensive Executive Protection experience and is a leading professional security company that can provide all scopes of services to clients in high-risk environments. SIA conducts comprehensive threat assessments for the client to be able to implement and manage a security plan best suited for the clients needs without disruptions to their day-to-day schedules.

SIA employees are former military and law enforcement personnel with extensive backgrounds in Executive Protection. SIA staff are qualified in all facets of security operations and possess decades of security, surveillance and investigative experience.

SIA provides the highest quality security services available by providing highly experienced and skilled operators who provide a secure and safe environment supported by a professional executive group in all aspects of the required operations.