Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide clients with an international standard of security systems and services, in order to manage and mitigate their security risks so they can focus on developing their commercial interests.

Our Vision

SIA will have a reputation as Asia's leading Security services provider. Organizations and Government will associate SIA with a proven ability to deliver complex solutions and services across a broad range of projects combining true value and effective solutions to threat environments and operational requirements.


Security requirements are a direct function of the threat environment. SIA ensures clients' interests are effectively protected against all potential threats in a manner that ensures the organization remains focused on their core business. From high-end threats of heavily armed groups, to common vandalism and theft, clients need effective protection through well-designed security measures. SIA combines physical and technological measures with highly trained personnel and procedural documentation to ensure a layered approach that effectively deters and defeats all known and identified potential threats.

PT. SFA - SIA Company Profile

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